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Pozemok s fabrikou Meboš - Bošansky Šamac - Srbská republika


Area 43 000 m2
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Production - administrative area MEBOŠ - Bosanski Samac, Bosnia and Herzegovina / Republic of Serbia
Production - MEBOŠ administrative area is located on the outskirts of the central part of the town of Bosanski Samac in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Republic of Serbia.
Bosanski Samac town lies at the confluence of the Sava and Bosnia in the northern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Town of Bosanski Samac is a gateway to Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as an ideal base for easy export production to neighboring countries, especially Croatia and Serbia. One of the main advantages of the complex MEBOŠ its unique geographic position, as it is situated approx. 2 km from the newly built border crossing to the Republic of Croatia.
From the transport point of view, the area is very conveniently connected to all roads multinational and regional importance. It is easily accessible for both personal as well as for heavy road transport, is internally zokruhovaný and exit from the area is possible directly on the international route E73 towards the capital city of Sarajevo, on the border with the Republic of Croatia, and also to all the surrounding local roads.

Description Part - administrative area MEBOŠ:
History MEBOŠ production site dates back to 1946. The area has since been extended several times, and production facilities have undergone major renovations. At the time of greatest expansion factory provided work 400-600 people from afar. Production program consisted mainly in the production of electric water heaters (boilers) with a capacity of 8 liters to 200 liters, the production of metal packaging (barrels) with a capacity from 40 liters to 216 liters, producing instruments for the transfer of bulk materials and building machinery (wheelbarrows, Japanese girl, etc.). Factory has a rich history in the metalworking, especially in the production tools. It is now 100% owner of the premises MEBOŠ company KONS -TEAM d.o.o .. The production program is currently focused mainly on the production of metal drums (main customer is close to the refinery in Modrica). A smaller part consists of metal machining and tool making. The complex has office and production company for the production of plastic windows.

The total area of ​​factory area is 43000 m2. This built-up areas - hall for the production of boilers: 3250 m2 - line for the production of metal packaging with helper objects 2937 m2 - other buildings: commercial space, office building, gatehouse, garages, dining room, compressor, tank for technical water with its own well: 5600 m2
Factory area is connected to the complete infrastructure including electricity, water, sewerage and telephone with sufficient capacity.

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